When you wish upon a Death Star…

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Toy Safari is so jam-packed with toys, even the biggest weapon in the universe manages to blend in and go easily unnoticed.

But it’s true. The Death Star resides at 1410 Park Street.

We’re talking about the 1978 Death Star Space Station from Kenner, of course. This was the first and largest Star Wars play set ever made. We’re lucky to have it in rare complete condition, straight out of the acquisitive dreams of the bell-bottomed children of yesteryear.

Pure geek treasure.

“Oh no, the trash compactor! There’s a trash monster!”

The set is a total delight to play with, a perfect stage to re-enact and re-imagine your favorite scenes.

It’s actually a cross section of a small portion of the Death Star — if it was full and to scale with Kenner’s 3.75” action figures, it would probably be as big as Mount Tam!

It’s three stories high, with a working elevator from top to bottom. There’s a huge anti-rebel laser cannon at the top level, a docking bay at the middle, and a trap door that drops into the dreaded (but awesome and fully functional) trash compactor, where the one-eyed Dianoga lurks in the murky water. Lots of fun to be had.

If you crave more details about the play set, Tim Veekhoven has thoroughly nerded out for your reading pleasure at his excellent Vintage Vault blog.

In case you’re wondering, the set is $400.

So just don’t let Uncle Luke play with it…


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