We’re always on the lookout for awesome toys!

Buying & Selling

You can sell us your toys from Noon to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

Feel free to bring any toys in good condition that you’d like us to consider buying. Our inventory is always changing, but if we have room for it and we think we can sell it, we’ll buy it.

It’s worth it to clean and sort your toys before you bring them in, because we estimate the selling price based in part on the condition of the toys when they’re presented to us.

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Store Credit

When you trade with us, we give you store credit that can be used on any of our toys and never expires. For store credit, we pay 60% of the price we think we can sell the toy for.


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When you sell your toys for cash, we pay 40% of what we price your items to sell for.

What We Look For

We don’t have any hard-set rules about what we buy, but to give you an idea, here are of some of the things we look for in a toy:


Is it made of good, sound materials? Will it stand the test of time and play? Does it work like it’s supposed to? Do the hinges hinge and the wheels turn?

Complete, fully-functioning toys will always be worth more than incomplete ones, and we’re more likely to buy out-of-package toys if they’ve proven their durability.


Does the toy have good intrinsic play value? Will a kid (or grown-up) be able to relate to the toy and find their own ways to interact with it, or is the toy likely to sit on a shelf?

Toy Safari focuses on toys that beg to be played with, rather than objects of diversion that put the kid into a passive mode.
Read more about our ideas of play here.

Clean & Complete

Nobody wants to give a kid a dirty toy! We only buy clean, unmarked toys in good condition.

Some toys—like games, puzzles, and other items with lots of pieces—don’t sell unless they’re in the box. Vintage and collectible toys are worth more in the original package. Basically, we’re much more likely to buy it if it has all its pieces.

We reserve the right not to buy toys on any given day when we have reached our limits, in regards to space or money spent.

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