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Comfort food everyone can relate to.  Just the mention of Mac & cheese or spaghetti and meatballs and I’m transported to a warm safe kitchen table surrounded by familiar scents and a vision of my mom, serving a heaping portion with a smile.

For a child, toys can play that comfort role.  Psychologists call such toys “transitional” toys,, they help a child transition to security and comfort at just the sight, the touch, the clutch.
Toys represent real things, but , being child sized, kids can relate to them, creating the opportunity to express ideas and emotions through play.

Pop up Tent

Sometimes life can be chaotic, over stimulating, hectic.  Many children find comfort in a small quiet space that they can crawl inside of.  A small popup play tent or tunnel is a quick easy toy that is versatile and stores easily out of the way. This tent can, in  your child’s imagination become anything from a chill zone to an adventure camp in the jungle , a castle, a fort to a cabana on the beach.


Gentle lights calm fears and transform spaces.  We sell a variety of battery powered lights that can transform your child’s space into a comfortable, calm environment and even help them ease to sleep

  • Cloud B Star Projector
  • Rainbow in My Room
  • Glitter Lamp
  • Lava Lamp
  • Remote Control Moon
  • Moonlight Mushroom
  • Glowing Stars
  • Jellyfish Lamp

Play Doh and Thinking Putty

The memory of hours of squishing and rolling and extruding and shaping and kneading play Doh makes me smile.  How many very long Doh “snakes” did I make over the years?  Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is for older kids to mash and each has amazing and wondrous properties to amaze and delight.

Stuffed Animals

Parents often ask me why kids want so many stuffed animals, what do they DO with them?  The answer is in watching them interact with their cuddly toys.  Here’s a partial list of the comforting benefits of playing with Plushies

  • cuddle
  • stroke
  • hug
  • tell secrets to
  • punch
  • wrestle
  • pile
  • collect
  • tell stories about
  • name
  • cope with anxiety and fears
  • learn empathy
  • language and vocabulary
  • display emotions
  • nurture
  • work through challenges
  • understand expectations
  • demonstrate observations of the world around
  • older children also collect
  • classify
  • learn about natural habitats, geography, biography, zoology , and even veterinary medicine!

As your toddler begins to explore further from the safety of your arms he can get a little scared and he is comforted from the toy he carries with him.. My son had Kermit the Frog clutched in one hand.  Kermit gave him the security to venture further and further. He taught Kermit to brush his teeth, sit on a potty, stay in bed at bedtime, even his ABC’s. Teaching Kermit gave Mike the confidence to do it himself.

Kermit and soon an entire set of stuffed Muppets were by Mike’s side as he learned to deal with his emotions, fears, anger and excitement. The Muppets didn’t mind when Mike was rough, and loved to hear the stories he told them of adventures and creatures he made up of whole cloth.

Comfort Toys help ease children through developmental milestones and the warm memories are reflected through the generations of these classic toys.

Helen Dean

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