Monchichi’s Home Run

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There’s a new star at Toy Safari. Here’s the story of how we met Monchichi.

My Monchichi is a baseball star in Kyoto, where his darling good looks and strong batting skills won him fans from every town across Japan.

One day, Monchichi hit the ball so hard it flew over the bleachers, over the parking lot, and deep deep into the streets of Kyoto. While most players trot leisurely around the bases after they hit a home run, Monchichi sprinted. Everyone in the crowd cheered as Monchichi rounded third base and headed home, but when he kept running right out of the stadium, the cheering fizzled into a confused murmur.

Monchichi ran through the streets of Kyoto, searching for his lucky ball. All along the way, he high-fived fans young and old. One old grandmother bowed low and invited Monchichi to dinner. At first he thought to decline, but remembering his manners he happily joined her family for a delicious meal.

After dinner, Monchichi ventured back onto the streets to hunt for his ball.

Soon, he was distracted again by a Karaoke hall. The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine rocking in his ears, he grabbed a microphone and soon was belting out the entire Sgt Peppers album.


Me and Monchichi on the train

By the time he left, night had fallen and he was sleepy, so he curled up in a nearby cherry tree. That’s where I found Monchichi the next morning, snoring loudly, hanging upside down by his tail.

Laughing, I shook the tree, and flower petals fell all around him, tickling him awake.

“Aren’t you the Toy Lady?” he said.

“That’s me!”

When I invited him to travel to Toy Safari with me, he didn’t hesitate.

“Everything is Awesome at Toy Safari!” he declared.

So off we traveled, arm in arm, across Japan on the high speed Shinkansen to Tokyo, inside outside and upside down on the subways, across the Pacific on an airplane, over the bridge in a car and into the Greatest Toystore on Earth, Toy Safari!

monchichi dreams of baseball

Monchichi dreams of baseball

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