Never Grow Old

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Will the real Jesse Pinkman… please lay down?!

“This store is Dope!”, he said peering in the Movie Hero Case.  When he finally rounded the aisle he was grinning from ear to ear.  I smiled in return, tickled to see his joy at seeing the childhood treasures packing Toy Safari’s shelves.  

I enjoy children’s excitement as they enter “their store”, rushing straight to their personal favorite spot, be it the train table, the doll bins, the car bins, or all the way back to the Quadrilla machine. Kids, practiced in the art of play, know they belong in Toy Safari.  Grownups, though, aren’t always so sure.  We’ve left childish things behind us, assumed the mantle of responsibility, think we’ve grown up, grown out of silly things like toys…

We get so caught up on the making of a living we forget the joys of living.  Or, we put off the day to day joys, saving them for some future time when we don’t have so many important grownup things to do.  

At Toy Safari you need never grow old!  Well, you still have to be responsible and do the things you have to do, but you need not give up the important life skill of play.  People talk lots about how important play is for the young, but they forget to mention it keeps you young!  Spontaneous, social, play is emotionally strengthening, grows your imagination and encourages communication.  What could be better in today’s isolating world?  

Come on in, find your favorite spot, and remind the child in you how to play!

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