Tardis is like Toy Safari

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Customers often point out Toy Safari and Dr Who’s Tardis both seem Dimensionally Transcendental.

Here are some other similarities:

  • Tardis travels through time
  • Toy Safari ’s toys take you back through time
  • Tardis rewrites history
  • Toy Safari collects, showcases and sells history
  • Tardis and Toy Safari are both run by female souls with minds of her own
  • Tardis and Toy Safari both grew organically, forerunners of Going Green-ReUse, Recycle, ReSell
  • Tardis translates alien languages
  • Toy Safari translates everything into the universal language of toys
  • Tardis has it’s own asteroid and Toy Safari has the Greatest Toys in the Universe!
Lego Tardis
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