Disney Bo Peep Doll with Sheep by Thinkway Toys

Bo Peep is sometimes considered to be “Andy's toy”, because Andy likes to make her the damsel in distress of his plays. Bo is the romantic interest (later girlfriend) of Woody, providing a calm and loving comfort whenever he is overwhelmed. She is noted for using her shepherdess crook to hook her cowboy and bring him closer in a romantic way. In private, she is a great deal more daring with her words and actions, which Woody seems to be quite fond of.


“This sassy shepherdess may sometimes lose her sheep – but not her cool. Bo Peep is smart, sensible, and quick to share her opinions, and she always stands by her sheriff, Woody.”

This Doll is in box. Box is in good condition with some minor dings.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 13.7 × 10.8 × 5.1 in


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