Hurricane Hordak

A deluxe figure! Leader of the Evil Horde with shiny armor, “robotic” arm that spins interchangeable weapons! Accessories spun when flywheel on figure's back is turned.

– bat wing propellor
– 3-headed “thunderball” mace
– 4-pronged battle shield


Sealed on Card. Unpunched. Minor shelf wear.

Hordak is the leader of the Evil Horde, an army of savage warriors, most of whom wear a red bat symbol on their chests to convey their allegiance. He is the former mentor of Skeletor.
Skeletor betrayed Hordak and trapped him in another dimension before beginning his own conquest of the planet Eternia. Hordak then returned with a vengeance to take over Eternia for himself.

Hordak is recognizable by his grotesque white (sometimes cream/bone colored) face, with sharp red eyes, his flat snout-like nose, red vampire-like fangs and pointed bat-like ears. He wears a collar of bones and black armor over his chest, emblazoned with the Horde bat symbol.[1] His appearance resembles a vampire or bat-like creature. Whenever he talks, he pauses his talking by snorting between his statements.


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