Monstroid (Espana)

Evil Horde’s fearsome mechanical creature! Can whirl and spin, knocking down approaching warriors. Its awesome pinchers can hold prisoners tightly. When wound up, it can spin very fast…up to 20 seconds. To stop the spinning, the button must be pressed back in or the spring must totally unwind. No batteries are needed.


Sealed in Box very minor shelf wear art work in great shape. Spanish Version, so everything is in Spanish. Wave 5.

The Monstroid is a robotic crab-like creature that works for the Evil Horde. Despite his robotic nature, he is shown in media as a living creature or species that must be summoned by the Horde and that he has no real allegiance to them.

Monstroid appears in issue #3 of the Marvel/Star comic book, titled with the creature’s name. The Evil Horde summons Monstroid from the Sea of Rakash, Hordak magically gains control over him and uses him to attack both He-Man and Skeletor, who are caught in Monstroid’s claws. They are saved by Extendar and Orko, taking control over Horde member Multi-Bot who is eaten by Monstroid.


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