Prince Adam Prince of Eternia

Twist waist & power punch action. With removable velvet vest, elastic belt, and Power Sword. From the animated Filmation Tv show, Prince Adam become the Most Powerful Man in the Universe HE-MAN!

– power sword
– velvet vest
– elastic belt


Sealed on card. Plastic Bubble has a crease in it, the colors on the art are bright

Twin brother of Princess Adora. He is the alter ego of He-Man. Adam is a seemingly careless and worry free prince in the eyes of the Eternian court. Most notably his father, King Randor, and Teela, the captain of the Royal Guard, perceive him as a coward. This common misperception of Prince Adam is because whenever trouble arises on Eternia, Prince Adam makes a timely exit so that he can secretly become He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. After Prince Adam becomes He-Man, he then has the power to defeat whatever enemy is threatening the Eternian throne or Castle Grayskull.  Adam is heir to the planetary throne and leadership of the government of Eternia.  He is descended from King Grayskull, and through King Grayskull also descended from the earlier King Jarod.


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