Small Soldiers Chip Hazard Kenner Action Figure

Chip is the squad leader of The Commando Elite. Chip is the ideal combat commander: Aggressive, logical and brutal. Chip leads by example, and his troops would follow him anywhere. Obsessed with victory and glory Chip lives to battle his sworn enemies, the Gorgonites. He is the main antagonist of the film and is also Archer’s arch-enemy.
Chip Hazard and the rest of the Commando Elite were designed by Larry Benson who was toy creator of company called Heartland Playsystems, which was later bought out by Global Tech. Industries. His business partner’s name was Irwin Wayfair who was the designer of the Gorgonites.
Battle-hardened warrior Chip was bitter, cruel, sadistic and brutish. He showed a deep capacity for honour and was unimaginably devoted to destroying the Gorgonites.


Loose Figure with Accessories


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