Stridor Heroic Armored War Horse

Half war horse/half war machine. STRIDOR carries HE-MAN to victory!
Features: Removable helmet. Twin forward- facing laser guns which are moveable. Rear-mounted tail laser turret, which is moveable. 
Accessories: Helmet. Two laser guns. Laser turret.


Sealed in Box with minor shelf wear and a price tag from the original store, the Plastic window has a crack and residue from a promotional sticker. Wave 3. The figure itself is immaculate and completed. The art work on the box is in great shape.

Stridor is a robotic horse that serves as a steed for the Heroic Warriors.
In the minicomic The Clash of Arms, Stridor carries Fisto to scout the borders. When Fisto is captured by the Evil Warriors and forced to fight in the Circle of Doom for his life, Stridor brings He-Man to the Circle of Doom, saving Fisto from Whiplash.


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