TMNT Action Figure Slash



  • Opened, Played with, Complete with ID card. 5 accessories -Nasty Nunchuku, Psycho Sai, Mutant Mace, Twisted Turtle Belt (1 black and 1 pink) Razor Spiked Gnarly Knife
  • In an attempt to fight fire with fire, Shredder created the perfect Turtle terror – a ninja nemesis from Dimension X named – Slash. This snarling, snapping mutant menace is the total opposite fo our beloved Turtle Teens. He’s a crazed carnivorous cannibal who only eats tender Turtle tenderloin – even for breakfast! This anti-Turtle teen slashes his way through the sewers on a maniacal mission of mass destruction. Armed with his Psycho Sai and one good eye, Slash skewers anything the Turtles love: pizza, parties and pranks. Allied with Shreadder, Slash won’t rest until he has devoured our green Teens. His spiked knee and elbow pads and horned shell keep Slash a cut above the rest.

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Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 in


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