TMNT Turtle Communicator

Calling all Turtles! Calling all Turtles! It’s the Turtle Communicator – the most devious device for mega cool Sewer Force members, like you!

Now you can send special coded messages to the Turtles or your favorite mutant friend. Lift the lid and the pop-up antennas are ready to beam your broadcast to any of the Green dudes. Use the handy hero comm cards to call Casey Jones, April O’Neil, Usagi Yojimbo – and of course – Mutant Master Splinter. The electronic light-up spy circuitry guarantees that your messages have been received – totally! All this dazzle – plus a nifty Ninja belt clip for kowabunga convenience. Now sewer ciphering, mutant morse messages and super-secret Turtle talk is in the palm of your hand!


Opened. Played with. Great condition. Has the box. Playmates released in 1991.$150