Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight, How Dolphins Love Bananas, and Why Heroes Play with Toys

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Treasure Island sits in the San Francisco Bay like a lily pad in a pond.
Most people hop right past Treasure Island as they travel from one bridge to the other, from Oakland to San Francisco and back again.
But if you stop for a visit, you’ll find that Treasure Island is a vibrant little lily pad. Its shores are dotted with seagulls and the occasional sea lion, its rocky sea walls draped with seaweed and shoals of mussels. People live there too, among museums, restaurants, a winery, and a beautiful statue of a twisting, dancing woman named Bliss. There’s even an airport for sea planes (or is it a seaport for airplanes?), where the planes float and bobble like pelicans satisfied after a hearty meal.
Dance like the world is watching!
Toy Safari’s crew once took a field trip and rode a Banana Boat from Alameda, out the estuary, under the Bay Bridge, around Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island, back under the bridge and home to Alameda.
On our way to tour the Bay
While our Banana Boat was leaping across the waves, we saw a playful pod of dolphins leaping along. It’s a rare treat to see dolphins in the Bay, so we were thrilled to see them. It seemed like they were happy to see us too — or maybe they were just laughing at our funny yellow boat!
On one side of the island is a safe harbor where most of the sailboats dock near big hangars which used to shelter dirigibles and blimps. Nearby, there is a fire station that houses heroic firefighters and their engines and ladder trucks.
We take a lot of pride in the fact that those heroes at the Treasure Island Fire Station play with toys from Toy Safari!
The fire fighters have six toy replicas of the real-life vehicles they use to rescue people and buildings from fire. Those toys will be used for training, and maybe the firefighters will have some fun while they are learning.
This firefighter is happy with the collection of trucks he bought at Toy Safari
Just like playing is a child’s work, sometimes playing with toys is a hero’s job too!
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